...all the small things...


Funny how profound that saying is - it may have disappered from my IG profile - but not from my ethos. Strange that the things considered "small" are really the "Big things" ...its remembering them that can be the issue - documenting a glance, the warmth of a hug or the soft echo of a scent - that's were the difficulty lies.

So its decided then...my Blog will be an attempt to capture, hold onto and revisit all the tiny, precious evaporating details.

What a whirlwind of a two weeks - I have jumped head first into a world of e-commerce, been overwhelmed by the generosity of friends, giddy with anticipation and excitement every time the phone pings...and orders! ...Yes..orders! you delightful people -THANK YOU. X

So what do I extract from my story thus far? ...and keep it "Small"...so many monumental events and delicious outings...mmm ...two things resonate...a Box and a Look.     

                                                        -  THE BOX -



This innocuous box touched my heart, not just because it arrived liberally covered in peeling tape and umpteen stamps applied by hand - a little care worn perhaps but proudly displaying its handwritten invoice (and one of its contents ..oops) but because of its story - the cause behind the sentiment "they are all back home waiting and standing by for your order "...


*Julia - Designer *Annemarie - Sewing *Bonita - Cutting *Tarsha -Printing 



                                 *Giaro - Knitting co ordinator  with Julia.

The ladies work from home - on the outskirts of the Cape Flats - Cape Town, creating their handmade and artisan designs in natural cotton, so pretty and practical.



"Home based employment helps these women be the eyes and ears of these communities while leaving them available to care for children and elderly. Earning money through their crafts gives them some independence and self worth" -Julia Schaffer.



...a women led small business...ladies I salute you...your little box has just gotten bigger.                             


                                                         - THE LOOK -


My dearest friend can sing - really sing - soulful, passionate and captivating singing - this weekend during a thank you bash filled with the kindest and enduringly patient mentors, family and friends ever...she sang for me! 


... now amiss this gaiety, eating, sipping and giggles ...lots of giggles ...I saw the look......

My children have never heard her sing before (too young before to have attended other evening venues).....and here she was...transformed ...my children's eyes illuminated, shone with awe- they were transfixed - captivated.

That Look is safely stored now - everytime I think of it a warm glow envelops me - their pleasure is my pleasure.

......not sure it was the same kind of "Look" they gave me as I took to the floor with my exuberant Mum dancing .......



                                        Wishing you love and happy times

                         Susannah X

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