Lingering in the air.....

"I lost myself on a cool damp night

Gave myself in that misty light 

Was hypnotised by a strange delight

...Under a lilac tree..."

James Shelton Spring & Summer gently meet, these lyrics drift into my mind, sitting beneath  the canopy of purple & green, watching blousy  blooms bob in the small pockets of wind... occasionally a mauve sprig torn away falls at my feet. Collected up I treasure these stolen stems...breathing in their evocative aroma..."sweet & heady".

Lingering in the air the dulcet, soft scents of Spring- honey my thoughts & rays of sunshine sooth my spirits. Spring's fragrance is tantalising - a herald of what may in the North..its a whisper...its a promise ... glorious anticipation of our fleeting summer. 

With my eyes half closed, the intoxicating musk of Mock Orange envelops me, Bluebells dance & almost tinkle, fruit trees explode in muted tones of blush...each hidden bouquet now released. Triumphant Dandelions unfettered are rampant on my lawn...fighting the Daisy's & Buttercups for daily dominance. 

Nature has escaped its winter binds...liberated & running free. 

Turing to "salute" Mr Magpie & pluck a rouge seedling or two seasonal circadian rhythm quickens & I too lean towards the light. 



Love Susannah xxx


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