and welcome to my little space - an atelier meticulously and lovingly chosen to assist you and your home to bloom a little more beautifully.

Wanderlust and Sticky Backed Plastic - are not your usual opening lines, but both play a pivotal part in the &Mead story.

Wandering...my passion for travel has led to the search and discovery of the artisans within these rooms and opened the door to each delicious find. The travel bug bit  early, I'm  delighted with every new corner  turned or mile travelled. ... the  heady mix of journey and destination.

... and the Sticky Backed Plastic part? - a childhood of Blue Peter - oh the revelation of design and creation -  tinsel and  tinfoil transformed shoe boxes with  washing up liquid bottles re- imagined beyond their original purpose. Those early creative days have inspired me through to adult hood...I can always be found with  project or two.

So if you were to visit my home or bump into me on the beach ..its here ...I'm here!

&Mead simply put is me - a collaboration of the practical necessity, vintage provenance and most of all the childlike whimsy and fanciful dreaming we all deserve .

                                           Enjoy love

                                          Susannah x

P.S I can make a mean Sindy doll bathroom circa 1976. 





Photo Credit : Eve Photography