Come inside, pull up a chair and meet some of the most delightful and talented artisans I have had the pleasure to chat with. It is because of them I have been able to create the &MEAD atelier..Share the story of these amazing, wonderful and dedicated people. 

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another "What you too? I thought I was the only one"  C.S Lewis.

Photo credit image 1: the most amazing, delightful and talented Charlotte, at Eve Photography.

All other images @&MEAD.



                                                   Lulu & Luca

‘Original designs, hand-printed and hand-crafted.’ Leanne.

Lulu and Luca is the label of fashion and textile designer Leanne Lucas. Her beautifully bold prints are inspired by a love of mid-century textiles, geometric patterns and botanical forms.

The depth of colour & texture in her linen lovelies...adds impact & style to any decor. 



                                                 Gemma Koomen 

"Real or imaginary wildflowers & plants, small people in big places, animals that you could maybe have a conversation with, thoughtful objects & tiny homes"...all come to life with  Gemma Koomen's exquisite hand. It is a source of joy & admiration that I have Gemma's  captivating artwork in &MEAD...& I hope you with fall as deeply in love with them, as I have. 



                                            Kara Leigh Ford Ceramics 

Kara Leigh Ford, started pottery as a hobby nearly 10 years ago & was hooked. 

"I love the permanence of clay,  the idea that ceramics can be heirlooms passed down through families. A favourite dinner set, for example, will carry the beloved memories of family meals, parties, loves and laughter for generations.  Growing up by the coast my work is influenced by the textures and colours of my favourite Devon beaches." Kara.


                                                Ruth Holly 

 Working from her Yorkshire home,Ruth"s designs encompass three main passions, 'natural elements of the countryside, urban influences & contemporary trends. By using traditional photography & modern computer packages, the eclectic mixture creates a unique and fearlessly authentic style" Ruth Holly. Ruth creates such depth of texture & tone ...are products work in any setting. 



                                          Beshlie Mc Kelvie

This gorgeous lady creates works of beauty and with such integrity that I covet each and every design. Each scarf and shawl is hand loomed, hand printed and hand crafted ensuring each one is completely unique, allowing you to own your personal piece of art. 


                                             Jen Rowland

Jen Rowland's passion and talent are evident in her screen printed textiles. From her studio in Deptford, she prints vintage and hand drawn illustrations onto beautiful natural fabrics. By layering vintage illustrations with her own botanical drawings she creates pieces that are at once striking but easy to live with.